eVTOL Crashworthiness Workshop

                             eVTOL Crashworthiness Workshop Series

                                                                                                    Hosted by NASA and FAA
This series is being hosted by NASA and FAA to provide information on test and evaluation requirements, vehicle safety system development, and certification challenges for eVTOL aircraft. Dates and details for future events will be posted on this website when they are announced.


Workshop # 1: Introduction to eVTOL Crashworthiness Virtual Meeting

  • DATE: Tuesday April 7th, 2020 
    NASA and FAA held a short introduction on eVTOL occupant protection, vehicle crashworthiness and paths to certification for the Urban Air Mobility market. 
  • Presentation Slides: View here 

Workshop #2:  Professional Organizations, Stakeholders and Regulatory Approaches for Crashworthiness for eVTOL Vehicles

This is the second of a series of workshops intended to discuss eVTOL occupant protection, vehicle crashworthiness, and paths to certification for the urban air mobility market.

  • DATE:  Friday, October 9, 2020
  • AGENDA: Available here
  • RECORDING: Watch on YouTube            
  • PRESENTATION SLIDES (available below):

Workshop # 3: DoD Considerations for Crashworthiness of eVTOL Vehicles – Purpose and Need

  • DATE: Tuesday January 19, 2021
  • AGENDA: Download here

    o eVTOL Crashworthiness Workshop Intro Download PDF

    o Research Topics Related to Naval Aviation Crashworthy SystemsDownload PDF

    o Qualification of Rotorcraft Seats by Modeling and Simulation Download PDF Download PDF

    o U.S. Army Vertical Lift Crashworthiness Download PDF

    o USAF Needs/Differences, Current Research & Identified Knowledge Gaps w/Future eVTOL Systems Download PDF

    Workshop #4: Government and Academic Research

  • DATE: Tuesday, April 13, 2021
  • TIME: 12:00 – 3:30 PM ET (9:00 AM – 12:30 PM PT)
  • AGENDA: Download here

    o Overview of Current Research in eVTOL Crashworthiness Download PDF

    o Current FAA Advanced Air Mobility/Urban Air Mobility Research Download PDF

    o CAMI (Civil Aerospace Medical Institute) Vertical Research Download PDF

    o NASA Crashworthiness Technical Challenge Overview Download PDF

    o Integrated Safety for eVTOL Crashworthiness: from Conceptual Design to Certification Download PDF

    o Conceptual Design Phase Study on eVTOL Crashworthiness Download PDF

    o NextGen Civel Tiltrotor Crashworthiness Approaches Download PDF

    For more information regarding the Crashworthiness Series Workshop series, please contact justin.d.littell@nasa.gov or Joseph.pellettiere@faa.gov

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