Principal Investigator

photo of P.I.
M. Clara Wright
NASA Kennedy Space Center
Co-investigators / Team Members: 
Dr. Michele Manuel, University of Florida
Dr. Terryl Wallace, NASA Langley Research Center
Dr. Cate Brinson, Northwestern University

Clara Wright joined NASA Kennedy Space Center as a Materials Engineer in the Failure Analysis and Materials Evaluation Branch in 2005 primarily performing failure investigations on hardware used for multiple NASA programs.  She currently works in the Materials and Processes Branch of the Engineering and Technology Directorate, where she conducts materials research and evaluation of flight and ground support hardware.  Major research has included cyclic stabilization of electrodeposited nickel structural films, crystallographic oxide phase identification of char deposits from Columbia debris, Shape Memory Alloy Self-Healing composite development and being the principal investigator on numerous high-profile failure investigations.  Her knowledge of failure mechanisms, fracture modes, and the behavior of metallic materials provides a unique perspective into the research of self-repair and damage tolerance of metal structures.


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