Principal Investigator

photo of P.I.
Christopher J Wohl Jr.
NASA Langley Research Center
Co-investigators / Team Members: 
Dr. Frank L. Palmeiri, National Insittute of Aerospace
Dr. Yi Lin, National Institute of Aerospace
Dr. John W. Connell, LaRC
John Hopkins, LaRC
Dr. Mark Sheplak, University of Florida

Christopher J. Wohl, is a research materials/surface engineer in the Advanced Materials and Processing Branch at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA. His background is in interfacial and adhesion science, polymer and small molecule synthesis, spectroscopy, and kinetics. Currently, generation and characterization of materials and surfaces for minimizing adhesion of dust particles and insect residues on aerospace structures is being investigated for maintenance of laminar flow. Several different approaches are being pursued including synthesis of polyimide copolymers modeled after terrestrial dust mitigation materials and topographical engineering of polymeric surfaces using nano-scaled inorganic materials, plasma exposure, laser ablation patterning, and photolithography. These surfaces are characterized using several analytical techniques: atomic force microscopy, optical microscopy, attenuated total reflection infrared spectroscopy, contact angle goniometry, etc. Research results have been described in peer-reviewed articles, at several technical conferences, and have resulted in several patent applications.

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