Principal Investigator

W. Keats Wilkie
NASA Langley Research Center
Co-investigators / Team Members: 
Robert G. Bryant - LaRC
Christopher S. Lynch - UCLA
Onur Bilgen - ODU

Experience and Education
W. Keats Wilkie has 25 years of research experience in rotary wing aeroelasticity and active structures technologies, including 13 years of piezoelectric and electrostrictive actuator design, analysis and testing. He has served as principal investigator for the NASA-Army-MIT piezocomposite Active Twist Rotor project, and has lead several electrostrictive actuator characterization and diagnostic test activities at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, including stability testing and structural mechanics of active hybrid mirror technology systems. He holds MS and PhD degrees in Aerospace Engineering Sciences from the University of Colorado at Boulder; an MS in Engineering Science and Mechanics from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a BS in Applied Physics from the University of Alabama. He has five U.S. and international patents on piezoelectric actuator design and manufacturing, and was the principal inventor and team lead for the NASA Macro Fiber Composite piezoelectric actuator; which received two R&D 100 Awards and was selected as the 2007 NASA Government Invention of the Year. He is currently an experiment principal investigator for the Materials on ISS Experiment-X (MISSE-X) and a co-investigator on the JPL Active Composite Reflector technology development project.

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