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Background:  Over the past four years a community of aerospace professionals that includes technical, regulatory, and business elements have been exploring the potential for new forms of air transportation systems.  Their focus has been on systems that embody combinations of on-demand, distributed electric propulsion, and vertiport capabilities. This community has been pursuing their interest through a series of Transformative Vertical Flight (TVF) workshops and working groups.  < Read More. >

Objective:  The objective of the Working Groups is to establish a formal means of continually refining current versions of the Transformative Vertical Flight Roadmap to create an increasingly compelling argument for pursuing this capability. < Read More. >

Process: This website serves as a portal to assist in the establishment, membership recruitment, and continued effective operation of TVF Roadmap Working Groups.  Individuals with an interest in contributing to the advancement and realization of Transformative Vertical Flight as a new form of air transportation are encouraged to volunteer as a TVF Working Group member.  < Read More. >

Transformative Vertical Flight Working Groups:

    WG #1.    Private / Recreational Vehicles (Short Range)

    WG#2-3.  Commercial Air Transport - **New working group

    WG#4.     Public Services

NASA Published White Papers

Public Services: NASA eVTOL for Public Services

Download White Paper

+ TVF Working Group Introduction Slides. The Adobe Connect recording of that presentation is also available: 11/8/17 Adobe Connect Meeting.

+ Membership Roster (group leads and partners).

+ Mission Element - Topic/Subtopic Relevance Matrix & Roadmap, current and past versions.

+ TVF Working Group Topics and Subtopics.

+ Legacy Working Groups: Group #2 Commercial Intra-city (Short Range) & Group #3 Commercial Inter-city (Longer Range)

+ Links to TVF related sites.

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