Process continued:  The framework for this effort (maintenance of this website, virtual meeting spaces, configuration management of TVF Roadmap revisions, etc.) is provided by the virtual institute, but WG members’ contributions are voluntary, and no compensation will be provided by NASA.

A home page has been created for each Working Group.  It provides the group leader’s name, a statement defining the group’s task, and links to:

The Working Group Leader (WGL) sets the groups agenda in consultation with the members. This includes defining objectives, deliverables, timelines, and scheduling meetings. The WGLs need to maintain good communication with their counterparts to ensure coordination for effective integration of their Roadmap Elements. WG will have an Internet URL to access a virtual meeting space to facilitate information sharing and collaboration. The WGL is responsible for posting meeting times on the WG’s calendar page and coordinating with other WGs to de-conflict meetings. This will permit members to attend other WG meetings to enhance communication and coordination. The WGL is also responsible for providing the WG’s products in the form of updates to be incorporated into the reference version of the TVF Roadmap.

Transformative Vertical Flight Roadmap Working Groups Homepage.

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