Objective continued:  The WG’s have been organized around four primary TVF missions identified by participants and organizers of previous workshops:

  1. Private / Recreational Vehicles – Short-range personal and recreational on-demand air transportation
  2. Commercial Intra-city – Short-range urban air-taxi, local package delivery, lifting systems
  3. Commercial Inter-city – Longer-range suburban/regional transit, regional package distribution
  4. Public Services – Search & rescue, law enforcement, medivac, emergency/humanitarian, military

Each Working Group will be tasked with maturing the TVF Roadmap Mission Element (1, 2, 3, or 4 above) that is the WG’s assigned responsibility.  The current version of the TVF Roadmap is the product of previous workshops and is available as a starting point for the WGs.  Each Roadmap element (mission) is subdivided into topics and subtopics relevant to the missions, and a matrix showing the perceived correlation of each subtopic to the WG’s element is provided for initial guidance. The WGs may recommend changing the perceived relevance of a subtopic during the course of their deliberations. The subtopic rows in each Roadmap element have been prepopulated with activities positioned in time frames that were identified by prior TVF workshop participants. These activities have not been vetted by any peer review to establish their viability, timing or interdependency with other activities. It will be the WG’s responsibility to move, modify, add or delete activities in their Roadmap Element, using a peer consensus based process, to arrive at a reasonable description of the events, activities, milestones and deliverables that will be necessary to achieve a variety of desirable TVF outcomes (mission concepts, technology, regulations, and markets). The WG’s are also expected to coordinate the descriptions of their activities with the other Working Groups’ elements (missions) where appropriate to ensure a fully integrated self-consistent TVF Roadmap.

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