Background continued: The first workshop, held in 2014, identified the existence of a multi-disciplinary community interested in this topic, and established a consensus that further collaborations in this area were warranted.  In 2015, a second workshop focused on four desired outcomes. 1.) Identify areas of potential interdisciplinary collaborations; 2.) collaborate on new conceptual design tools; 3.) establish a community to develop regulatory guidelines; and 4.) ensure key U.S. Government agencies understand industry interest in establishing new vertiport capable flight markets.  The third workshop in 2016 build on the work of the previous workshops by soliciting expert opinions from the participants on the work and timeframes needed to transform air transportation consistent with the TVF vision.  These inputs serve as a starting point for the development of an advocacy roadmap needed to generate support for TVF transportation systems, technology, and markets.

The TVF roadmap generated during the third workshop was a significant step forward, but requires further refinement and vetting before it will be a creditable advocacy tool.  To facilitate the collection of Workshop participants’ ideas for future TVF efforts and the timeframes they envisioned, activities were organized into four categories: Missions-Operational Concepts; Prioritized Technical Challenges; Market-Business Opportunities; and Regulatory & User Requirements.  In order to obtain a roadmap that can serve as a strong advocacy tool it will be necessary to break these elements down into the next level of detail. 

The approach to improve the roadmap fidelity is to establish small focused working groups (WG’s) with approximately a dozen members each to refine targeted areas of the roadmap. This website was created to provide a portal to enable volunteers to join WG’s and contribute to their areas of interest.  This Portal also provides a means for WG members to access tools like virtual meeting spaces, document sharing sites, and rosters of WG leads and members to assist with their task.

Transformative Vertical Flight Roadmap Working Groups Homepage.

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