2015 Transformative Vertical Flight Workshop Streaming

NASA Aeronautics streamed parts of the 2015 Transformative Vertical Flight Workshop, hosted by NASA Ames Research Center on August 3 to 4, 2015. Below please find the video archives and the slides. More information about the workshop can be found at the website of the American Helicopter Society International.

Final NASA Conference Proceedings for the Second Annual Transformative Vertical Flight Workshop (released on 7/21/16) is now available for download and/or viewing.

Here's the group photo.

Presentation Slides from Transformative Vertical Flight Concepts: 3rd Joint Workshop on Enabling New Flight Concepts Through Novel Propulsion and Energy Architectures. Sept. 29-30, 2016, Hartfort Connecticut, USA.


August 3, 2015

Title Presenter Slides Video Recording


Tom Edwards, NASA Ames Deputy Center Director

Download PDF


Advanced Vertiport Capable Flight Concepts

(Moderated by Michael Duffy) N/A Video
  • Analysis and Full Scale Testing of Joby S4 Propulsion System
Alex Stoll, Joby Aviation N/A
  • Simulation of Electric Aircraft Components
Korbinian Petermaier, Siemens Technology Download PDF
  • Flight Test of NASA GL-10 Distributed Electric Propulsion UAV
Bill Fredericks – NASA Langley Download PDF
  • Full-Scale Test of LEAPTech Wing
Andy Gibson – ES Aero Download PDF
  • LIFT! – Modular, Electric Vertical Lift
Michael Duffy, The Boeing Company Download PDF

Advanced Batteries Progress

Aron Newman, ARPA-E Download PDF Video

Business and Market Opportunities

(Moderated by Mark Moore)


  • Market Drivers for Civil Vertical Lift
Rich Ouellette, The Boeing Company Download PDF
  • Silicon Valley Early Adopter CONOPs and Market Study
Kevin Antcliff, NASA Langley Download PDF
  • Existing VTOL Operators Needs Perspective
Mark Moore, NASA Langley Download PDF

August 4, 2015


Presenter Slides Video Recording

Electric Propulsion & Electric Energy Storage Technologies

(Moderated by JoeBen Bevirt)


  • Transformative Vertical Flight Concepts
Michael Sinkula, Envia Systems Download PDF
  • Solid Power Overview
Josh Buettner Garrett, Solid Power N/A
  • Launchpoint 1 kW and 40 kW Hybrid-Electric Range Extender
Mike Ricci, LaunchPoint Technologies Download PDF
  • Metis 30 kW Turbine-Alternator Hybrid-Electric Range Extender
Rory Keogh, Metis Design Download PDF
  • SwissTurbines 7 kW and 75 kW Hybrid-Electric Turbine-Alternator Range Extender
Tim Moser, SwissTurbines Download PDF
  • Heavy-Fuel SOFC Fuel Cell
Nick Borer, NASA Langley Download PDF

Advances in Distributed Propulsor Acoustic Modeling

Steve Rizzi, NASA Langley

Download PDF


Road Mapping Example for On-Demand Mobility

Ken Goodrich, NASA Langley



Lunch Presentation:  GoFlyUp HeroX $2 Million Personal VTOL Prize

Gwen Lighter, Lighter Group



Transformative Vertical Flight Roadmap Working Groups Homepage.

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