Spring 2015 Seedling Technical Seminar

NASA Aeronautics  presented a 2-day virtual technical seminar on March 18–19, 2015 to showcase innovative concepts developed by Seedling researchers, primarily featuring work from the 2013 Seedling Phase II funds.

NASA Aeronautics awards the ARMD Seedling Fund grants to make deliberate investments in early-stage and potentially revolutionary aviation concepts and technologies that are aligned with NASA's mission. These grants go to civil servant-led teams at NASA Research Centers. This seminar is an opportunity for members of the NASA aeronautics community to view the results of this research and see how these innovative concepts might complement and benefit their work and projects across the agency. The results were presented in seven talks: 30 minutes for each presentation and 10–15 minutes for discussion and questions. Each session featured a special guest NASA leader as Keynote Speaker and Moderator.

The seminar was free and open to all. Watch the archive and download the slides below.

Session One
Presenter Affiliation Title Phase Discipline Recorded Presentation Slides
Richard Barhydt NASA Headquarters Session Keynote View N/A
M. Clara Wright NASA Kennedy Space Center Self-Repairing Fatigue Damage in Metallic Structures for Aerospace Vehicles Using Liquid-Assisted Shape Memory Alloy Self-Healing (SMASH) Technology II Materials View

Download PDF

Leftover questions

James A DiCarlo NASA Glenn Research Center Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Silicon Carbide Fiber II Materials View Download PDF
Carl H Gerhold NASA Langley Research Center Adaptive Back Sheet Material for Acoustic Liner Applications II Aeroacoustics/ Materials View Download PDF
Joseph G Smith NASA Langley Research Center Hydrogen-Bonding Surfaces for Ice Mitigation II Materials View Download PDF
Session Two
Presenter Affiliation Title Phase Discipline Recorded Presentation Slides
Michael Rogers NASA Ames Research Center Session Keynote View Download PDF
Michael J Aftosmis NASA Ames Research Center Adaptive Shape Parameterization for Aerodynamic Design II Aerodynamics View Download PDF
Jayanta Panda NASA Ames Research Center Molecular Rayleigh scattering to measure fluctuations in density, velocity and temperature in wind tunnel environments I Measurement Technology View Download PDF
John W Lawson NASA Ames Research Center Enabling Electric Aviation with Ultra High Energy Lithium Metal Batteries II Propulsion View

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