2013 Seedling Seminar

NASA Aeronautics presented a 3-day virtual technical seminar on July 9-11, 2013 to showcase innovative concepts developed by NASA researchers. Download a pdf copy of the agenda.

In August 2012, NASA Aeronautics awarded ARMD Seedling Fund grants to make deliberate investments in early-stage and potentially revolutionary aviation concepts and technologies that are aligned with NASA's mission. These grants went to civil servant-led teams at NASA Research Centers. The seminar was an opportunity for members of the NASA aeronautics community to view the results of this research and see how these innovative concepts might might complement and benefit their work and projects across the agency. The results were presented in seventeen 45 minute talks: 30 minutes for the presentation, 15 minutes for questions and clarifications.

The seminar was free and open to all. Watch the archive and download the slides below.

Presenter Affiliation Seedling Concept Discipline Recorded Presentation Slides
Michael J. Aftosmis NASA Ames Research Center Adaptive Shape Parameterization for Aerodynamic Design Aerodynamics View Download PDF
Vivake Asnani NASA Glenn Research Center The Vibration Ring - A Global Vibration and Noise Control Solution for Rotating Machines Structures View Download PDF
Craig A. Brice NASA Langley Research Center Functionally Tailored Multi-Component Composite Structures Via Additive Manufacturing Materials View Download PDF
Kathy Chuang NASA Glenn Research Center Reactive Extrusion of High Temperature Resins for Additive Manufacturing Materials N/A N/A
Michael Doty NASA Langley Research Center Active Noise Control of Radiated Noise From Jets Aeroacoustics View Download PDF
Frederick Dynys NASA Glenn Research Center In-situ Production of High Energy Nano- Fuels by Laser Ablation Materials View Download PDF
Carl H. Gerhold NASA Langley Research Center Adaptive Back Sheet Material for Acoustic Liner Applications Aeroacoustics

View (no sound until 19:12)

Download PDF
Loyd Hook NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center Development of a ‘Where-To-Land’ Decision Function for an Expert Piloting Systems (EPS) In Man-Rated Autonomous Air Vehicles Safety View Download PDF
Lee W. Kohlman NASA Glenn Research Center Engineered Polymer Composites Through Electrospun Nanofiber Coating of Fiber Tows Materials View Download PDF
John Lawson NASA Ames Research Center Enabling Electric Aviation with Ultra High Energy Lithium Metal Anode Batteries Propulsion View Download PDF
Christopher J. Miller NASA Glenn Research Center Multifunctional Low Pressure Turbine for Core Noise Reduction, Improved Efficiency, and NOx Reduction Propulsion View Download PDF
Frank J. Ritzert NASA Glenn Research Center Structural Batteries for Hybrid Electric Propulsion System Materials View Download PDF
Qamar A. Shams NASA Langley Research Center Infrasonic Tracking of Aircraft Wake Vortices Aeroacoustics View Download PDF
Joseph G. Smith, Jr. NASA Langley Research Center Hydrogen-Bonding Surfaces for Ice Mitigation Materials View Download PDF
W. Keats Wilkie NASA Langley Research Center Self-Latching Shape Memory Piezocomposite Control Surface Structures View Download PDF
Christopher Wohl NASA Langley Research Center Flexible Nanopost Arrays for Direct Shear Stress Measurement Measurement Technology View Download PDF
M. Clara Wright NASA Kennedy Space Center Thermo-mechanical Evaluation of Self-Healing Metallic Structures for Aerospace Vehicles Utilizing Shape Memory Alloys Materials View Download PDF

Questions or comments about the seminar? Please contact Deborah Bazar at deborah.e.bazar(AT)nasa.gov.

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