NASA ARMD SBIR Online Market Research Sessions

The Aeronautics team worked with the NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) to conduct a series of open-to-the-public online market research sessions to gather information that could help strengthen the NASA ARMD Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) technology portfolio. There were  individual sessions for each of the technology areas listed below that provided ARMD representatives an opportunity to summarize the subtopic description used in previous SBIR solicitations, answer questions, and receive feedback on the relevance of the technologies being sought, their commercialization potential, and if there were perceived gaps in the technologies being pursued. 

We offered two types of sessions: 1) Virtual Meeting sessions where the audience can watch and participate in live, online meetings, and 2) E-mail sessions, where the audience can download information and submit questions and comments via e-mail.


Subtopic Title Session Type NASA Discussion Lead Recording Transcript Comment Page

Flight Test and Measurements Techniques

Virtual Meeting Starr Ginn View Video Download PDF N/A
Low Emissions/Clean Power E-mail Bryan Palaszweski N/A N/A Link
Advanced Air Traffic Management Systems Concepts E-mail

Katharine Lee
Arwa Aweiss

N/A N/A Link
Autonomy of the National Airspace System E-mail

Katharine Lee
Arwa Aweiss

N/A N/A Link
Future Aviation Systems Safety E-mail Robert Mah N/A N/A Link
Ground Testing and Measurement Technologies E-mail Luther Jenkins N/A N/A Link

Turbomachinery Technology for Reduced Fuel Burn

E-mail David Ashpis N/A N/A Link

Physics-Based Computational Tools

Virtual Meeting Erik Olson View Video Download PDF N/A

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