Principal Investigator

John D Saunders
NASA Glenn Research Center
Co-investigators / Team Members: 
Dr. David O. Davis, NASA - GRC
Mark D. Klem, NASA - GRC
Lois J. Weir, TechLand Research, Inc.

Mr. Saunders (Dave) received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Master of Science degree from the University of Toledo. Since 1982, Dave has worked at the NASA Glenn Research Center in the area of the design, test and analysis of inlets with a general focus on either the supersonic and hypersonic speed regimes. As a senior researcher in the Inlet and Nozzle branch, he has contributed to numerous projects including the National AeroSpace Plan (NASP) program aimed at a hydrogen-powered aircraft capable of horizontal takeoff and landing and operating to orbital speeds (Mach 25) and sustained hypersonic cruise within the atmosphere, the High Speed Research (HSR) Program aimed at a Mach 2.4 commercial supersonic transport, the Revolutionary Turbine Accelerator (RTA) project for high-Mach capable turbine engine technology, X-43B Flight Vehicle, and the Fundamental Aeronautics Program-Hypersonics project. Most recently he led a multi-million dollar wind tunnel test campaign to investigate turbine-based combined-cycle inlet mode transition for hypersonic air-breathing propulsion. Many of these high-speed inlet concepts have either utilized bleed or scramjet isolator ducts to control shock-wave boundary layer interactions and improve inlet stability.

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