Principal Investigator

Frank J Ritzert
Advanced Metallics Branch, NASA Glenn Research Center

Frank Ritzert is a Research Engineer in the Structures & Materials Division at NASA Glenn Research Center with R&D experience focused on materials for both space and aeronautics applications. Ritzert received his MS in Materials Science and Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 1992. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Cincinnati in 1990. He has been involved with several projects over his 25 year career including the Ares I-X rocket program, Space Shuttle Return-to-Flight, Hypersonics, space power projects, and alloy development in support of aeronautics programs. Most recently, his research focused on defining materials to withstand critical requirements for a potential mission to Venus. He has been heavily involved in co-operative work with industry, academia, and other government agencies and has authored/co-authored over 20 technical publications on high-temperature materials. The focus of these publications has been in the area of nickel-base and refractory alloy high temperature materials and includes papers on creep, fatigue, environmental durability, fracture, composites, and single crystals. In addition to the publications, he has also made over 20 national conference and technical meeting presentations. He is currently working to apply materials science topics to next-generation advancement of power and energy storage.

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