Principal Investigator

Sai V Raj
NASA Glenn Research Center

Dr. Sai Raj is a Research Materials Engineer with the Glenn Research Center (GRC), Cleveland, OH. He has contributed extensively to NASA’s aeronautics and space missions in several areas as a researcher, team leader and sub-project manager. His research areas have included high temperature creep, alloy and coatings development, process development, intermetallic alloys, metallic foams, shape memory alloys and oxidation. His current research activities include engineered matrix ceramic composites, advanced coatings for graphite fuel elements for nuclear thermal rockets, and high temperature magnetic alloys. He is nationally and internationally known for his contributions to high temperature creep and the deformation behavior of intermetallic alloys. He has several publications, 2 invited book chapters, 4 NASA Tech Briefs and 2 US Patents. He has co-organized five international conferences, and co-edited several conference proceedings. He serves on the editorial boards of three prominent journals. He is an active member of several committees of AIAA, ASM International and TMS technical societies. He is the current Chair of the Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance Committee. He is a recipient of several NASA and external society awards. He is a Fellow of ASM International and an Associate Fellow of AIAA. He was an invited member of the FAA’s Turbine Rotor Material Design Program Steering Committee.

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