Phase I LEARN Projects in Round 3

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Project Concept Discipline Area Principal Investigator Organization Program Phase Period of Performancesort ascending Co-Investigators / Team Members Final Report Slides Video
Big Aviation Data Mining for Robust, Ultra-Efficient Air Transportation Data Mining, Air Traffic Management Thomas Reynolds Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Lincoln Lab LEARN Phase I Mar 1 2015 to Feb 29 2016 Hamsa Balakrishnan, Rich DeLaura, Robert Hansman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Video
Feasibility Study of Using Matrix-Stabilized Combustion Technologies to Enable Ultra-low Emission Combustion in Aviation Gas Turbines Combustion, Propulsion Matthias Ihme Stanford University LEARN Phase I Mar 1 2015 to Feb 29 2016 Waldo Hinshaw, John Sullivan (Stanford University), Rebecca Fahrig (Seimens) Video
Concept for order-of-magnitude increase in electrical machine power density Electric Propulsion Kiruba Haran University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign LEARN Phase I Mar 1 2015 to Feb 29 2016 Andrew Alleyne (University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Timothy Haugan (Air Force Research Laboratory), Sheppard Salon (Magsoft Corporation), Mike Sumption (Ohio State University) Video
Design, Analysis, and Evaluation of a Novel Propulsive Wing Concept Aerodynamics Brian Kramer Rolling Hills Research Corporation LEARN Phase I Mar 1 2015 to Feb 29 2016 Phillip Ansell, Steven D'Urso ( University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Brian Kramer (Rolling Hills Research Corporation) Video

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