Principal Investigator

Jose Palacios
Pennsylvania State University

PSU PhD/DPhil, Aerospace Engineering, 2008, US
PSU M.Sc., Aerospace Engineering, 2004, US
PSU BSc (Hons). Aerospace Engineering, 2003, US

Professional Experience
Dr. Palacios is an assistant professor at the Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Jose Palacios has been working on low-power, non-thermal ice protection systems for helicopter rotor blades during the past 8 years. During that time he has also designed, constructed and tested in a novel Adverse Environment Rotor Test Stand (AERTS) at the Pennsylvania State University. In this facility, Jose continues to test his ultrasonic de-icing concept, electro-thermal de-icing configurations, pneumatic deicing, and ice protective materials. In addition, he performs experimental ice accretion model validation for both rotor blades and wind turbines.

Dr. Palacios also conducts research and wind tunnel and rotor testing of rotor vibration and noise control systems and flow control schemes. He has advised 6 Masters students and 2 PhD students at the Pennsylvania State University.

Current/Completed Projects
2011 – 2016. Helicopter Icing Physics, Modeling and Detection
2011 – 2012. Wind Turbine Ice Protection Coating Performance Evaluation
2010 – 2012. Ice Accretion to Cascade Flow Configurations of Engine Compressors
2009 – 2011. Design, Test and Evaluation of a Pneumatic Micro Trailing Edge Effector for Helicopter Rotors
2009 – 2011. Calibration of Adverse Rotor Test Stand Icing Facility
2010 – 2013. Rotor Blade Ultrasonic Deicing Experimental Comparison to Electrothermal Ice Protection Systems
2008 – 2011. Ice Protective Coating Screening and Evaluation - AATD Topic 1
2008 – 2009. Design and Fabrication of an Adverse Environment Rotor Test Stand

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