Through aeronautical research solicitations, hosting future challenges, and fostering virtual collaboration, the NASA Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI) promotes innovation in aeronautics across a broad spectrum of aeronautical challenges in the nation’s air transportation system. The Institute coordinates those efforts, and communicates the outcome of the research conducted to interested parties both internal and external to NASA.

The Institute, part of NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD), was established to pursue ARMD’s objective to make deliberate investments in innovative, early-stage, and potentially revolutionary aviation concepts and technologies. This reflects ARMD’s desire to not only acquire additional innovative concepts within its technical portfolio, but also in the management of this portfolio. The Institute’s formulation and operating concept reflects a new approach for ARMD to introduce fresh lines of research into existing ARMD Programs and Projects. As a result, NARI complements other ARMD efforts in seeking early-stage innovative concepts.

NARI is a "virtual institute" that is comprised of distributed multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary research teams to address a broad-range of major aeronautics research questions. ARMD provides policy guidance for the institute, including review and approval of implementation plans; review and concurrence for interagency agreements; and compliance with agency requirements. Ames Research Center hosts the institute and provides its staff and facilities. NARI shares the virtual collaboration infrastructure with two existing NASA virtual institutes at Ames but tailors these resources to the needs of the aeronautics research community. The Institute ensures dissemination of NARI-related aeronautical findings via the Internet and through web-based seminars.


For questions regarding NARI, please contact:
Michael R. Dudley, NARI Director.

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