Principal Investigator

J. Andrew Newman
NASA Langley Research Center

Dr. John A. (“Andy”) Newman has worked at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) since 2000 as a Materials Research Engineer, first as an Army Research Lab (ARL) employee detailed to the Mechanics and Durability Branch, then as a NASA employee in the Durability and Damage Tolerance and Reliability Branch.  At LaRC, his research has focused on fatigue and fatigue crack growth of metallic materials and structures. 

Recently, the focus of his research has been the development and characterization of advanced metallic materials with the ability to (1) heal or mitigate crack damage and/or (2) produce more easily detected crack damage.  Both of these advanced materialconcepts will make structural health monitoring systems more practical and robust, and are supported by NASA’s Aviation Safety Program.  Additionally, Dr. Newman has participated in numerous failure investigations and as part of teams to solve urgent materials issues associated with NASA’s Space Shuttle program and numerous unmanned space programs.  Dr. Newman received his Ph.D. in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Virginia Tech in 2000.

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