Principal Investigator

Michael Logan
NASA Langley Research Center
Co-investigators / Team Members: 
Paul Rothhaar, NASA LaRC
William Fredericks, NASA LaRC
Mark Motter, NASA LaRC

Experience and Education
Michael J. Logan is head of the NASA Langley Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laboratory (SUAVE Lab) which designs, develops, builds, and tests small UAS and provides expertise to national level organizations on small UAS design, operations, and airspace integration. Mr. Logan has over 30 years of experience in both private industry and Government. He spent 12 years in private industry working for aerospace companies such as Vought Aircraft’s Advanced Systems group before joining NASA in 1990. Mr. Logan has extensive conceptual design experience including designs for aircraft from 1 lb. UAVs to 1 million pound transports. In 2002 he transferred to Langley’s Systems Engineering Directorate to head up the Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laboratory where he has been able to take over a dozen designs from concept to flight. Mr. Logan has a Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering.

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