Principal Investigator

Sally Johnson
Adaptive Aerospace Group, Inc

• M.S. Computer Science, 1989, Old Dominion University
• B.S. Computer Science, 1982, North Carolina State University

Ms. Johnson is a Senior Research and Development Engineer at AAG, with experience in
planning and conducting similar research and development projects. As PI, Ms. Johnson will be
responsible for planning and directing the project and for leading the technical work. She will
serve as the primary contact with NASA on the project and will be responsible for ensuring that
the work proceeds according to contractual agreements.

Ms. Johnson has a strong research background in validation and verification of ultra-high
reliability systems, as well as experience in leading and conducting research and development in
aviation operations, crew systems, and advanced separation assurance concepts for UAS, GA,
and commercial aircraft. She has experience in concept development, feasibility assessment, and
implementation as well as conducting simulation and flight experiments.
Senior Research & Development Engineer, Adaptive Aerospace Group, Inc.

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