International Forum for Aviation Research


IFAR, the International Forum for Aviation Research, is the world's only aviation research establishment network. IFAR is established on a voluntary, non-binding basis. IFAR aims to connect research organisations worldwide, to enable the information exchange and communication on aviation research activities and to develop among its members a shared understanding on challenges faced by the global aviation research community. Our team is working with IFAR to create capabilities and events to support IFAR virtual events to enhance international collaboration in aeronautics research and connect the future leaders of the aviation industry.

Recent Events

Jan 24, 2023 |  Speaker Wes Ryan on "Igniting Your  Future by  Maximizing Your  Early Career"

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Jul 12, 2023 | NASA-NRC Early Career Research Seminar

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IFAR Member Organizations

Name Website
Aerospace Technology Institute ATI
Autonomous Systems Laboratory CSIRO ICT Centre CSIRO
Budapest University of Technology & Economics Budapest Uni.
Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute of Russia TsAGI
Centre for Innovation and Creative Engineering CEIIA
Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali CIRA
Chinese Aeronautical Establishment CAE
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research CSIR
CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories NAL
Czech Aerospace Research Centre VZLU
French Aerospace Lab ONERA
German Aerospace Center DLR
Institute of Aeronautics and Space IAE
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA
Korea Aerospace Research Institute KARI
Middle East Technical University Ankara METU
National Institute of Aerospace Research “Elie Carafoli” of Romania INCAS
National Institute of Aerospace Technology of Spain INTA
National Research Council Canada NRC
Netherlands Aerospace Centre NLR
Polish Institute of Aviation ILOT
Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT
The Swedish Defence Research Agency FOI
U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA
Vienna University of Technology TU Vienna
Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics VKI
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