Principal Investigator

Janet Hurst
NASA Glenn Research Center

Janet Hurst has nearly 30 years of experience as a researcher at NASA. Her recent interests focus on nanotechnology, especially boron nitride nanotubes (BNNT). She has developed fabrication techniques for synthesis of robust nanotubes for aggressive environments including both BNNT and silicon carbide nanotubes (SiCNT). She has demonstrated deposition of these unique nanotubes on various substrates including SiC, superalloys, and Si surfaces to meet many of NASA’s power, propulsion and energy applications. She resolved problems of scaling up both BNNT and SiCNT production to useful quantities by creating innovative processing methods employing inexpensive equipment and raw materials scalable to pilot plant stage. She has lead several research efforts ranging from the HSR EPM program where she lead the Fiber and Interface Development task to the recent FA’s ERA SiC/SiC Combustor Liner Development task where she worked closely with industry to address the materials challenges for N+3 turbomachinery. She has over 100 publications with many invited talks and numerous presentations at international conferences as well as several patent applications and invention disclosures.

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