Gary W Hunter
NASA Glenn Research Center

Dr. Gary W. Hunter is the Technical Lead for the Chemical Species Gas Sensors Team and Lead for Intelligent System Hardware in the Smart Sensors and Electronics Systems Branch at NASA Glenn Research Center. He has served as Element Lead across NASA for a range Propulsion and Vehicle Health Management activities in the Aviation Safety program. Since his arrival at NASA Glenn, he has been involved with the design, fabrication, and testing of sensors. He has worked closely with academia and industry in developing a range of sensor technologies and sensor systems using a number of different sensor materials and sensing approaches. This work has included the use of micro/nano technology as well as the integration of sensor technology into smart systems. Dr. Hunter’s contributions range from research to technical management in fields of research including high temperature wireless sensors, a Venus seismometer, asthma monitoring, engine emissions, environmental monitoring, fire detection, and leak detection. Dr. Hunter has taught short courses on chemical sensing and high temperature sensors/electronics; co-authored 7 book chapters; has 9 patents; and a significant number of papers and invited talks. He is a Fellow of the Electrochemical Society.

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