Principal Investigator

Jacob D Hochhalter
NASA Langley Research Center
Co-investigators / Team Members: 
Mr. W.P. Leser (LaRC, D309)
Dr. J.A. Newman (LaRC, D309)
Dr. T.A. Wallace (LaRC, D309)
Dr. Gerd Heber (HDF Group)
Mr. Quincey Koziol (HDF Group)
Dr. E.H. Glaessgen (LaRC,D309)

Education and Experience
Jacob Hochhalter joined NASA Langley Research Center in 2007 as a recipient of the Graduate Student Research Fellowship. In 2009 he joined LaRC as a Materials Research Engineer in the Durability and Damage Tolerance Branch. Hochhalter received a PhD from Cornell University in 2010. His thesis topic focused on methods for simulating the stages of microstructurally-small fatigue crack growth in Aluminum alloys. Since 2009, he has worked on several projects related to physics-based modeling and high-performance computing simulations of fatigue cracks that cannot be addressed using NASA's current certification or design practices. Several codes that he has developed as part of those investigations have been expanded to support ongoing projects, including an investigation of microstructurally-small fatigue crack growth on the International Space Station. Recently, he has been working closely with experimentalists to develop a close-coupled system for making high-resolution measurements of micromechanical material behavior and using high performance computing to help test hypothesized physics-based models to explain the measurements.

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