Principal Investigator

James Heineck
NASA Ames Research Center
Co-investigators / Team Members: 
Edward Schairer, ARC
Stephen Smith, ARC

James Heineck has been a practitioner of Particle Image Velocimetry, a laser-based fluid velocity measurement technique, for 13 years. He along with others have teamed to make measurements in the Ames Unitary 11-foot and 9- x 7- foot tunnels, the Army 7- x 10- foot Wind Tunnel and several smaller tunnels in the Ames Fluid Mechanics Lab and designed the optics for the PIV laser projection for the NFAC 40- x 80- foot Wind Tunnel. Schairer and Heineck developed the Photogrammetric Recession Measurement technique for ablative material testing in arc-jets. Heineck developed Retroreflective Background Oriented Schlieren and installed systems or oversaw its use in the Unitary tunnels, NFAC 40- x 80- foot Wind Tunnel, AEDC 4T and 16T tunnels, and Langley’s National Transonic Facility. He is a Principle Investigator on the US Army – German MOU for Helicopter Research on the Rotor Wake Measurements task. He holds two patents: Retroreflective Focusing Schlieren, and with Schairer, Photogrammetric Recession Measurement. His role is to manage the project, design and fabricate of the calibration cell, laser optics, and establish the instrumentation and take the measurements.

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