Principal Investigator

Bruce Cogan
NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center
Co-investigators / Team Members: 
Dr Nicholas Alley Area-I
Craig Hange NASA Ames Research Center
Nhan Nguyen NASA Ames Research Center

Education and Experience
Bruce Cogan is an aeronautical engineer. He earned a B.S. at The Ohio State University in aeronautical engineering. Mr. Cogan has been employee at NASA DFRC for over 15 years working in range support, flight simulation and aircraft flight controls and handling qualities. Prior to taking a position with NASA, he worked for several contractors in the field of flight simulation and software development. Mr. Cogan is currently working on simulation and flight controls development of the Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser lifting body and full/subscale flight testing of NASA Aviation Safety research. He also serves as COTR on the PTERA Flight Test Phase 2 SBIR with Area-I and the Smart Adaptive Flight Effective Cue (SAFE-Cue) SBIR with Systems Technology Inc. He is also the SBIR subtopic manager for advanced upset recovery systems under the NASA Aviation Safety Program.

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