Autonomy and Next Generation Flight Deck Symposium


Approved presentations and recordings from the April 18-19, 2017 Symposium are now available below.

In cooperation with SAE International, NASA ARC, at the NASA Ames Research Center, hosted and live broadcasted the “Autonomy and the Next Generation Flight Deck Symposium” on April 18 and 19, 2017 at the Ames Conference Center in Building 152 at Moffett Field, CA (in Silicon Valley). The Autonomy and the Next Generation Flight Deck Symposium provided a forum for aerospace companies, government agencies, universities, and individuals to meet and share their ideas with researchers and industry leaders.


The meeting encouraged discussions of the latest developments in engineering practices and fostered debate on possible future trends in autonomy and flight deck technology. The technologies and engineering practices discussed at the symposium are applicable to NASA research efforts such as Next Generation Air Traffic Control (NextGen), Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), UAS Traffic Management (UTM), spacecraft, smart sensors, artificial intelligence, the International Space Station, cybersecurity, and next generation advanced flight decks and aircraft. 


  • Boeing VP of Autonomous Systems Served as Keynote Speaker

Recordings and presentations:

Autonomy and the Next Generation Flight Deck Symposium (Day 1)
Name Presentation Title Presentation Slides Video Recording Time
Kory Mathews, Boeing (Keynote Presentation) Autonomy, From Dull, Dirty and Dangerous to Smart, Simple and Secure Download PDF



Barbara Burian, NASA Autonomous, Task Management and Decision Support Tools Download PDF Video 9:30-10:00am
Edward Balaban, NASA Automated Sequential Decision Making Under Uncertainty for Aerospace Applications

Coming soon


Matt Whaley, US Army Flight Test Results for Mission-adaptive Autonomy Download PDF


Bimal Aponso, NASA HAT Tricks: Understanding Human Autonomy Teaming through Applicatins Download PDF


Joel Lachter, Summer Brandt and Jay Shively, NASA Developing a General Framework for Autonomy Teaming Download PDF Video 1:20-2:00pm
Randall Mumaw and Mike Feary, NASA Aircraft Capability Management Download PDF


J. Benton and John Kaneshige, NASA Cockpit Hierarchical Activity Planning and Execution Download PDF


Krishna Sampigethaya, United Technologies Research Center Aviation Cyber Security: Threats, Mitigations, and Research Directions N/A


David Foyle, Becky Hooey and Deborah Bakowski, NASA Towards Autonomous Airport Surface Operations: NextGen Flight Deck Implications Download PDF




Autonomy and the Next Generation Flight Deck Symposium (Day 2)
Name Presentation Title Presentation Slides Video Recording Time
Alonso Vera, NASA The Challenge of Human-autonomy Teaming Download PDF


Robert Morris, NASA Autonomous Surface Operations: Operational Architectures and Paths to Deployment Download PDF Video 8:30-9:00am
Stefan Schuet, NASA Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) Safety Enhancement Research on Airplane State Awareness and Prediction Technologies Download PDF N/A 9:00-10:00am
Mike Matessa, Rockwell Collins Human Autonomy Teaming Measures Download PDF Video 10:15-10:45am
Michael Lowry, NASA Autonomy Operating System: towards Pilot-in-a-Box Download PDF Video 10:45-11:15am
Parimal Kopardekar, NASA Unmaned Aerial System (UAS) Traffic Management System for Safety Enbling Low-altitude UAS Operations Download PDF Video 11:15-11:45am
Corey Ippolito, NASA Enabling Safe and Autonomous Flight Operations of Small-UAS in High-density Low-altitude Urban Environments Download PDF Video 11:45am-12:15pm
Diane Serban, Southern Air Aviation Inc. NextGen Voice Recognition and Artificial Intelligence Download PDF N/A 1:30-2:30pm
Jeremy Chavez, Bell Helicopter Next Generation Cockpit Technology Download PDF Video 2:30-3:30pm
John Huddlestone, Coventry University Open Flight Deck N/A N/A 3:45-4:45pm


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