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The overall goal of NASA’s Digital Information Platform (DIP) as part of the Air Traffic Management (ATM-X) project is to accelerate transformation of the National Airspace System (NAS) and airspace operations through the development of a foundation for advanced, data-driven, digital services for both traditional and emergent operations towards cohesive decision making.

The DIP sub-project is focused on designing, developing, and demonstrating a digital data ecosystem to enable improved air traffic decision making. More specifically, the primary focus of DIP is to establish an easily accessible cloud-based Digital Information Platform utilized by a community of data and service providers and operators to gather and access real-time and historical data upon which data-driven services for NAS users are developed and operated. The DIP sub-project will look to promote viable business relationships that facilitate one-to-many shared services model rather than traditional one-to-one services model.


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The primary objectives of the DIP sub-project are:  

  • Create stakeholder-informed requirements for a digital information platform to easily access aviation related data to improve the deployment and access of services
  • Develop a reference implementation of DIP to validate stakeholder-informed requirements 
  • Evaluate a variety of industry-developed services to identify data needs for the DIP architecture
  • Coordinate demonstration with stakeholders of reference technologies, new service(s) and DIP framework 
  • Document best practices for sharing data and data handling among stakeholders in the DIP community 

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Notional DIP Ecosystem (Note: This notional system is expected to evolve based on the responses to this RFI and follow-up discussions regarding potential contributions by both NASA and participating parties.)


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