Current ARMD Thrust Roadmap Briefings

Current ARMD Thrust Roadmap Briefings.

Dr. Jessica Nowinski gave the first presentation on ARMD Strategic Thrust 5: Real-time System-wide Safety Vision and Roadmap which can be accessed below.
Presented & Recorded: 03/09/2017

Additional recordings will also be posted below.



ARMD Roadmap
(Thrust Webpage)
Virtual Briefing Date

Safe, Efficient Growth in Global Operations

N/A Coming Soon
2 Innovation in Commercial Supersonic Aircraft N/A Coming Soon
3 Ultra-Efficient Commercial Vehicles N/A Coming Soon
4 Transition to Alternative Propulsion and Energy (Formally known as Transition to Low-Carbon Propulsion) N/A Coming Soon
5 Real-Time System-Wide Safety Assurance
by Dr. Jessica Nowinski
Video and Audio (With Closed Captioning)

Audio Only (With Closed Captioning)
March, 9, 2017
6 Assured Autonomy for Aviation Transformation N/A Coming Soon


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