AIRSPACE OPERATIONS SAFETY PROGRAM (AOSP) 2021

                             LANGLEY RESEARCH CENTER TOWN HALL FORUM


COVID-19 has created a significant impact on travel and NASA operations at Headquarters and across the four Research Centers. This means that travel for the annual AOSP Center Visit to the Langley Research Center will not be possible. As an alternative, AOSP is hosting a virtual Town Hall Forum on Thursday, April 8th form 12:30-2:00 ET , for Langley Research Center researchers and other Center stakeholders supporting the Program.

During the Town Hall Forum, moderated by Mary Dijoseph, Mr. Akbar Sultan will provide a program overview including major changes in FY21 and offer an extended Q&A session based on posted questions.


Missed the town hall? Watch the recording by clicking [HERE]

                                                                              AOSP 2021 GRC TOWN HALL FORUM AGENDA
                                                                                                          April 8th, 2021

12:30-2:00 ET



 5 minutes 


 Mary Dijoseph, Langley Aeronautics Research Director         

 40 minutes

 2021 State of the Airspace Safety Program          

 Akbar Sultan, AOSP Program Director 

 30 minutes

 Q&A through

 Mary Dijoseph

 5 minutes

 Closing Remarks

 Akbar Sultan, Mary Dijoseph











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