AAM Career Day

Join NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility team to hear about different career paths and what it will take to make flying cars a reality. 

A diverse workforce is needed to enable Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and that work will forever change how citizens around the world benefit from aviation. Technology jobs and working at NASA in aerospace isn’t just astronauts or rocket scientists. We are engineers, pilots, accountants, technicians, and numerous other types of people working together to transform imagination into reality.
AAM career day provided insight into different career pathways within NASA Aeronautics.
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The two-part Virtual Event occurred on Wednesday, May 12, 2021. Please see the recordings and presentation materials below. 

AAM Career Day Recordings and Presentation Materials: 


May 12, 2021


NASA Speakers

Presentation Materials



(including NASA Aeronautics Career Opportunities and How the Digital Generation will Impact Aviation)

  • Davis Hackenberg, Advanced Air Mobility Mission Integration Manager
  • Kyle Ellis, System Wide Safety Deputy Project Manager
  • Kassidy McLaughlin, Instrumentation and Integration Engineer
  • April Lanotte, Aeronautics STEM Integration Lead
  • And More!

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Research & Engineering

  • Shivanjli Sharma, Aerospace Research Engineer
  • Michelle Eschow, Computer Engineer
  • Jay Shivley, Human Factors Research Associate

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Flight Operations

  • Sam Kim, Flight Operations Engineer
  • Nils Larson, Senior Advisor for Aero Flight Research / X-59 Project Pilot
  • Juan Salazar, X-59 Crew Chief

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Project Support

  • Karen Cate, Advanced Air Mobility Deputy Project Manager
  • Kathleen Spear, Senior Attorney
  • Jessica Arreola, Social & Public Engagement Lead

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