LEARN Summer 2016 Seminar

NASA Aeronautics presented a free two-hour virtual technical seminar on August 16, 2016 to showcase innovative aeronautics concepts developed by external researchers funded by NASA.


The LEARN Phase II grants were awarded to make deliberate investments in early-stage and potentially revolutionary aviation concepts and technologies that are aligned with NASA's mission. The seminar is an opportunity for members of the aeronautics community to view the results of this research and see how these innovative concepts might complement and benefit NASA work and projects across the agency.


If you'd like, please download a pdf copy of the agenda.


August 16, 2016- LEARN Phase II
Speaker Title Organization Slides Video Recording
Koushik Datta Introduction NASA Ames Research Center N/A N/A
Gregory C. Carr Cooperative Gust Sensing and Suppression for Aircraft Formation Flight Architecture Technology Corporation Download PDF Video
Christopher Allen Centrifugally Powered Pneumatic De-Icing for Helicopter Rotor Blades University of Kansas Center For Research, Inc. Download PDF Video






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