Virtual Briefing for Assured Autonomy for Aviation Transformation Roadmap

NARI hosted a Virtual Briefing for the NASA ARMD Thrust 6 Assured Autonomy for Aviation Transformation Roadmap on June 28th . + More Information and PDF slides

Ultra-Efficient Commercial Vehicles Roadmap Overview

NASA is updating its Strategic Implementation Plan on its Roadmap for Ultra-Efficient Commercial Vehicles. Mr. Richard Wahls and Mr. Fay Collier described the background and development of Ultra-Efficient Commercial Vehicles - Subsonic Transports on June 1st. + Presentation slides & additional Info.

IFAR - Technical Interchange with Dr. Bryan J. Harder, NASA

NARI broadcasted an IFAR Technical Interchange on Composites, Ceramics and Coatings: Game-Changing Materials for the Next Generation of Turbine Engines with Dr. Bryan J. Harder, NASA Glenn Research Center on Wed, May 18th. + Recording and slides have been posted.

ARMD - University Leadership Initiative Applicant's Workshop

NASA hosted an Applicant’s Workshop on Tuesday, May 3rd. The workshop provided an opportunity for interested parties to better understand the solicitation’s intent, scope, and selection criteria. +More Information.


NARI is a virtual institute that is comprised of distributed multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary research teams to address a broad range of cutting-edge aeronautics research questions.

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NARI supports NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate's objective to invest in early-stage innovative and novel concepts to revolutionize the future of aeronautics.

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About NARI

The Institute manages and coordinates research and competition efforts for the agency, both within and outside of NASA.

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